Improved flexibility & posture Improvers Yoga Classes in Erdington Improvers Yoga Classes in Sutton Coldfield

Inner peace

To book an Improvers class please call 07772345391 or email us via the contact page

All-round better health (mental & physical)

Improvers Yoga Classes in Sutton Coldfield & Erdington

To book a class please call 07772345391

Lower stress levels

"Never stop investing. Never stop improving. Never stop doing something new" - Bob Parsons

Our improvers classes are designed for those who have been attending the beginners classes, but are not quite ready for a Strength & Flexibility/intermediate class yet. 

This class will build on what you have already learnt in the beginners class by introducing more yoga poses, higher level modifications and new breathing techniques.

The class structure will remain the same as the beginners class, with a lovely relaxation and meditation at the end.

Improvers classes are held on a Monday night at 6.15pm and a Tuesday night at 7.15pm at Hollyfields Sports & Conference Centre

Benefits of a regular Yoga practice

Boosted immune system